The nature of patchwork is such that each piece has a unique fabric composition which determines how well the dye is retained.  It's always a good idea (especially if you have white sheets) to soak dyed materials before use or to do a test for colorfastness by rubbing a piece of white cloth to the quilt. 

We recommend washing fragile pieces by hand. Simply soaking the fabric in water and laying flat to dry can be enough to clean a quilt. In the case of staining or hard dirt we recommend either spot cleaning lightly with dish soap and water, consulting a dry cleaner, or soaking with a a simple ph neutral soap and/ or rosewater for light fragrance


  • please be careful to avoid popped seams when dealing with wet patchwork. Fiber becomes much heavier when wet, and depending on content can tear easily

  • Hand wash your quilt separately in cold water with plenty of water for the quilt to swim in

  • Rinse until water runs clear

  • Lay flat to dry

  • Wash sparingly



Sharktooth offers rug cleaning services only (no quilts, blankets, or other textiles). If you would like your rug cleaned, but are worried about color bleed, please specify this when you order. Sharktooth does not test each fiber for color-fastness before cleaning and are therefore not responsible for any damaged caused in a wet or dry cleaning process. 


Sharktooth repairs on a case by case basis. Quotes for resizing and repairs are per order. Prior to beginning your custom order, we will provide an estimated cost and completion date in the attached invoice. A 50% deposit is required to start your project and the balance is due upon completion. We ask that you please allow a minimum of 3 week lead time.

Custom Services Release

Each custom order will be inspected for damage and assessed for fragility and durability. If the item is determined to be too damaged or unsuitable for cleaning, dyeing, or repair, you will be notified no later than 5 days from when we receive your item. If applicable, return shipping costs will be covered.